China-Australia Managed Aquifer Recharge Workshop


    Australian Government AusAID
    National Natural Science Foundation of China
    CSIRO Australia
    Tsinghua University
    University of Jinan
    Chinese Academy of Science
    China Geological Survey
    Shandong Water Resources Bureau
    Jinan Water Resources Bureau
    Shandong Hydraulic Engineering Society
    Shandong Institute of Geological Survey



       The workshop fostered the relationship between Australian and Chinese scientists and water managers and introduced a link for collaboration in developing MAR programs, prioritizing and undertaking future research. Capacity were be built by sharing over 10 years experience in operational MAR schemes using a variety of techniques, water resources and aquifer types, to a country with limited experience in MAR or in integrating water management.
       The purpose of the MAR workshop is to transfer Australia expertise in managed aquifer recharge (MAR) to China and to communicate the experiment on all aspects of a MAR scheme from desktop feasibly study to commissioning a full-scale operation and the competencies required with Chinese colleagues from engineering, research, management fields related to water resources management and hydrogeology and artificial recharged of groundwater. 

      Selected Topics
Site selection of MAR
        Design and establishment of MAR
        Hydraulics of MAR
        Geochemistry and water quality changes of MAR
        Risk assessment of MAR
        Guidelines and modeling of MAR
        Case study of MAR in China and Australia

    Study Tour
The study tour to the project of flood control and groundwater recharge, Laizhou groundwater reservoir with the underground dam, retention gate, recharge wells, basin and channel in Yantai of Shandong Province, is organized, and the system of remote monitoring groundwater level in Jinan springs will be visited on the last two days.