This symposium will focus on various types of recharge systems: bank infiltration, recharge via ponds, wells, tanks, etc. and should form a basis for scientific exchange and discussions on recent developments, e.g.:

*          geochemical processes

     *       microbiological aspects

     *       removal of pollutants

     *       recharge with treated waste water

     *       hydraulic aspects and modeling

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ISMAR 5 - 5th International Symposium on Management of Aquifer Recharge

Drawing on experience from MAR activities around the world, Ian Gale has compiled a document discussing issues relating to MAR, illustrated with a variety of case studies. The documents, sponsored and published by UNESCO can be downloaded (1.34MB) here


Strategies for MAR in semi-arid areas

   This symposium will focus on the topics as follows:

       Role in Integrated Water Management

       Groundwater Hydraulics and Storage


      Geochemistry of Aquifer Recharge

      Fate of Pathogens/Organics

      Regional Issues

      Arizona Managed Aquifer Recharge

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Proceedings of ISMAR6 2007

Introduction into recharge enhancement, IAH-MAR activities and some international and national organisations (1.51 MB)

IAH-MAR brochure

This workshop focused on some knowledge about Managed Aquifer Recharge, and the symposium includes 9 papers and training materials, and the topics are as follows:Site selection of MAR,Design and establishment of MAR,Hydraulics of MAR, Geochemistry and water quality changes of MAR,Risk assessment of MAR,Guidelines and modeling of MAR and Case study of MAR in China and Australia

Download Training Materials (in Chinese)

China-Australia Managed Aquifer Recharge Training Workshop

Proceedings of ISMAR7 2010               Download papers of ISMAR7