ISMAR9: 9th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge

Located in an area with pressing water needs, scarce surface water and a diversity of landscapes, lithologies, technologies, and cultures, ISMAR7 will provide attendees with incredible perspectives, new insights, and concentrated learning opportunities. This interactive conference is devoted entirely to the art of managing aquifer recharge and it will include workshops, technical sessions, poster presentations, and a field trip to an active aquifer storage and recovery site.

About Conference

It will be held in The Engineering Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City 20C24 June  2016.

Conference Schedule



Monday, June20

Registration;Workshops;Welcome Ice Breaker

Tuesday, June21

Registration;Opening Ceremony; Session;Poster session I

Wednesday, June22

Registration;Plenary Presentation;Poster session II

Thursday, June23

Registration;Plenary Presentation;Poster session III;Closing Ceremony ;Closing Dinner

Friday, June24

Field trip

 Themes and Topics
  1. Integrated water management strategies
  2. Regulations, guidelines and governance
  3. Economics of MAR in comparison with alternatives
  4. Modeling of systems that include MAR
  5. Geochemistry in MAR
  6. Aquifer microbiology and health aspects
  7. Monitoring and management
  8. MAR as a key to adapt to climate change
  9. MAR in developing countries
  10. Hydraulics, clogging, recovery efficiency
  11. MAR in hard rock and karstic systems
  12. Bank filtration, infiltration systems, soil aquifer treatment
  13. Innovation in well injection and recovery systems
  14. Design and performance of seawater intrusion barriers
  15. Advances in engineering and geotechnical aspects
  16. Geophysics and aquifer characterisation
  17. New topics in MAR and water banking
  18. MAR and water reuse
  19. Rainwater harvesting and urban stormwater harvesting with MAR
  20. Flood water harvesting via MAR for agriculture
  21. Site selection for MAR
  22. Water quality and selection of pre- and post- treatments
  23. MAR in depleting aquifers and protection of groundwater dependent ecosystems

Top reasons to attend

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is growing rapidly around the world as it addresses the need to efficiently secure water supplies in the face of population growth and climate change.New technical and policy innovations involving water recycling, desalination, storm water harvesting, natural treatment, design, monitoring and control structures and water banking are cutting costs, increasing resiliency of supplies and improving water quality.Research has never been stronger to help ensure that MAR is effective and safe.Mexico is facing these challenges with energy and creativity, and is a crucible for fresh thinking, testing of ideas and implementation within an advanced water policy framework.Geographically and culturally, Mexico is a natural bridge between South and North America and thereby offers a unique perspective on MAR.

A number of important organizations are endorsing and participating in ISMAR9 and BSMAR15 including CONAGUA, IAH, AHS, GRA, UNESCO, ASCE.We encourage you to attend and experience ISMAR9 and Mexican culture. Please attend this important Symposium and connect with your peers from around the world, be surprised by MAR technological advances, present your research and projects and acquire new knowledge to revolutionize your local water management agenda.


Call for papers

Participants intending to present a paper or poster are invited to send the abstract, in English, to the Conference Secretariat,, by November 16th 2015. Abstracts are limited to one page and should be submitted using the abstract template. For the accepted papers the authors can send, optionally, an extended abstract (instructions available in the 2nd Circular)

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