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IAH-MAR is a forum for information on the work within the international groundwater community on the management and enhancement of aquifer recharge, a vital tool in the sustainable management of the world's underground water resources.


IAH-MAR has its roots in the Working Group on Artificial Recharge, founded in 1998 by Ivan Johnson of AIJ Consultants in Denver and formerly of USGS, an activist for more than 30 years in artificial recharge research and practice, and leader of the ASCE/EWRI Standards Committee for Artificial Recharge. The group had its first meeting in November 2000 at Cape Town (IAH XXX). The change in name from 'Artificial Recharge' to 'Management of Aquifer Recharge' reflects the reality that water banking and bank filtration harness natural processes to manage and enhance aquifer recharge, a vital tool in the sustainable management of the world's groundwater resources.


AIMS: "IAH-MAR aims to expand water resources and improve water quality in ways that are appropriate, environmentally sustainable, technically viable, economical, and socially desirable. It will do this by encouraging development and adoption of improved practices for management of aquifer recharge. This swill be achieved by increasing awareness of MAR among IAH members and the community, by facilitating international exchange of information between members (e.g. via a web page and an email list), by disseminating results of research and practical experience (e.g. via conferences and reference database), and by undertaking joint projects and activities identified as important by its members


The China-Australia Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) Training Workshop held in Jinan October 27~31,2008, was supported by the AusAID Public Sector Linkages Program, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Shandong Institute of Geological Survey and Jinan Water Resources Bureau in order to facilitate the exchange of information and experience on MAR among Australian researchers and Chinese researchers and water resource managers. The organizations attended the symposium included CSIRO, Tsinghua University, University of Jinan, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, China Geological Survey, Hebei Provincial Academy of Water Resources (HPAWR), Jinan Water Resources Bureau, Beijing Drainage Group Co.Ltd(BDG), Zibo Water Resources Bureau etc. Dr. Peter Dillon (Group leader of the Water Reclamation Research Group at CSIRO) attended the workshop and presented speech. In addition, a Chinese web site on MAR, named China-MAR.ujn.edu.cn, is established to link to the IAH-MAR website (in English) hosted by the British Geological Survey in order to enhance the communication between Chinese researchers and members of IAH-MAR in the field of managed aquifer recharge as a bridge.

At last but not the least, I do really appreciate BGS (British Geological Survey), from whose website we share lots of materials about MAR, and I am very sure that those materials would give Chinese scientists great help and guiding significance for practical projects of MAR in China.